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Alabama Marriage License Info

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Alabama Marriage License Issues

While most of the places in Alabama will abide by what the state says about their marriage licenses, you will find that different counties might have specific ways of doing things that would be different from what the state. Therefore, even though what is below represents the gist of getting an Alabama marriage license, make sure that you check with your specific county to see if anything else needs to be done.

For starters, Alabama does not have a residency requirement. In other words, to get an Alabama marriage license, you do not need to actually live in Alabama. You do however need to provide proof of age as well as a social security number in order for the license to be issued. Furthermore, if one of the two partners has gone through a divorce less than six months from the date of application, the divorce decree does also need to be submitted as a supporting document in order to get the Alabama marriage license.

Speaking of divorce, a divorce is actually the only thing that can force you into a waiting period for getting your Alabama marriage license. As long as you have the divorce decree, you can still get married again after 60 days. Under all of the other circumstances, there is no waiting period for any marriages taking place under Alabama law.

As far as special marriage options go, Alabama is right down the middle as far as what they will allow and what they will not allow. In Alabama, you can get married under the age of 18 and you can engage in both common law marriage and cousin marriage. However, the state of Alabama does not allow proxy marriage, covenant marriage or same sex marriage. No blood tests are required either as far as obtaining an Alabama marriage license is concerned.

In the end, the base charge for getting an Alabama marriage license is around $45. You might have to pay a lot more depending on what you want with your license and in some cases things like using a credit card might up the fee a bit more. If you have lost your Alabama marriage license and need to get it replaced, simply contact the Vital Statistics Bureau in the state Department of Public Health to get your replacement copy. There might be a fee involved depending on how recently you have been married and whether you have requested a copy of your Alabama marriage license before.
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