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Making Plans For A Spring Wedding

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Alabama Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

Springtime marks a time of renewal and awakening as we move from the cold winter months into warmth and light. Flowers begin to grow and animals awaken from their hibernation state. This makes spring a good time of the year to consider for your wedding ceremony. The themes of spring are adaptable to any wedding ceremony.

Spring brings with it Easter and a sense of flowers and plants and new birth. You can use the themes of spring as a part of your wedding plan to highlight the beginning of a new life with your spouse to be. Incorporating themes should be easy to do and help make you springtime wedding a special affair to remember.

Spring wedding are nearly as in much demand as summer weddings are. The warm spring air that ushers out the cold winter temperatures invites a sense of happiness in most people. Between March, April and May, many changes take place and these months are a good time to tie the knot. An advantage that a spring wedding has over a summer one is that there is a lower demand for some facilities that may be otherwise used for proms or graduation.

A spring wedding can be themed with Easter eggs and bunny rabbits bringing candy and presents to kids. On the other hand, an Easter wedding could focus on the more religious aspects of the holiday and celebrate the rebirth of life as a new couple emerges from the two formerly single people. A special way to celebrate Mother’s day in May could be to hold your wedding on or just before to give her a special gift to remember. Choosing to find a theme during the spring and integrate that in your wedding can add tremendously to the experience. This can be a great addition to your memories of the wedding day.

Spring weddings involve the same type of commitment and planning as wedding ceremonies conducted in other times throughout the year. The closer you get to the end of spring and the approaching summer months should create and awareness that some of your guests may be making or have made vacation plans for the summer. Plan far enough in advance to ensure that no conflict arises with a favorite that may cause them to miss the wedding.

Other planning consideration for a spring wedding include whether you want an outdoor ceremony or an indoor wedding. Weather patterns for certain times in the spring may dictate that you keep the ceremony indoors but when appropriate you may want to consider going outside. The interplay of the blooming flowers and baby birds chirping in the background as you exchange vows can work well in the wedding.

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