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Beautiful Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional multi-tiered white cake of yesteryear. Now brides can choose wedding cakes that not only look like those white cakes, but also wedding cakes that look like almost any shape and form that can be imagined.

Whimsy and Fantasy

If you watch WeTV’s Wedding Central or Amazing Wedding Cakes, then you know just how whimsical and fanciful wedding cakes can be today. Wedding cakes can be decorated in colors that match the colors of the wedding, including pearlized pinks, jewel colors and even gothic dark colors.
Also, wedding cakes can be decorated with non-traditional images and accessories, including wire arches that allow for decorative accessories to hang alluringly over the edge of the cake. For couples who want an especially fun and different wedding cake, it is possible to have a wedding cake styled after one of their favorite landmarks or even a place they love to visit.

Floral Decorations

If a skull cake or a cake that is shaped like your favorite car isn’t your style, there are still many ways to decorate a beautiful wedding cake by integrating decorating elements a little bit more predictable. One of these is the use of fresh flowers.
Fresh flowers have been used on wedding cakes for several years now. Brides can have their cake bakery coordinate with their wedding florist to provide flowers that are contained in the bridal bouquet to be integrated into the wedding cake décor. For example, one popular wedding flower is the rose. Elegant fire and ice roses or bridal white roses can be carefully place in a simple pointed decoration or arranged to beautifully cascade down multilayered tiers.


There are several different types of wedding cake icings to choose from when it comes to cake decorating. Traditionally, whip cream and butter cream icings have been used on wedding cakes to create the most beautiful white foundation for the cake. However, today there are a few other types of icing that are now available and make even more creative decorating.

Fondant is one of these newer icings. Fondant can be colored almost any color and can be constructed into interesting shapes. By laying it carefully over the surface of a cake, it is possible to create a smooth surface on which to decorate further. Also fondant can be shaped into lovely flowers or even figures of the bride and groom or other people of interest.


Having a beautiful wedding cake often is one of the highlights of the wedding reception. By going beyond the traditional white tiered wedding cake, bridal couples can express their imagination and creativity. Wedding cakes can now be as traditional and simple as wanted or an expression of whimsy and fantasy.

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