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Wedding Vows

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Contemporary wedding vows can be dramatically different from the traditional scripted vows of yesteryear. However, many weddings in the United States contain at least the basic elements of standard wedding vows from the past.
Traditional Vows

The traditional wedding vows that come from the common book of prayers from many Christian wedding rituals are probably some of the best known wedding vows known in the western world. However, today’s couples often vary at least to some degree when they exchange their own wedding vows.
For some couples, the recitation of the traditional wedding vows is an extension of their values and the age old public rituals that celebrate a marriage and the coming together of two people making a public statement of their commitment to each other and their love for one another.

Ethnic Variations

In some cases, couples getting married turn to the traditional wedding vows of their own culture. For Muslim, Hindi and other weddings, there are traditional wedding vows that integrate their own values that stem from their country of origin. Since weddings are so very often about the joining of families and a celebration of the extension and expansion of their families, it is appropriate and even educational to learn about wedding vows from other cultures.

Customized Personal Vows

The planning of a wedding is an involved process for most couples. As a general rule, it is expected that planning a wedding will take at least six months and very often an entire year. Part of this extended process is the writing of personal wedding vows.
Couples usually spend a great deal of time considering what they want to say to their partner on the momentous occasion of their wedding. They may go through several drafts of their vows before they are happy with the final draft and while it may sound easy at the outset, after several drafts, bridal couples may feel frustrated at not being able to easily express publically their very deepest and most tender feelings and intentions to their beloved.


Of course, while not every bridal couple struggles deeply with choosing their wedding vows, there are resources available for individuals who do find writing personal vows to be a challenge. Some individuals turn to professional writers for inspiration and at least an outline for their own personal wedding vows. On the other hand, some people turn to known and published love poems written by such poets as Elizabeth Barret Browning – “How do I love thee, let me count the ways ….” – and others who have written deeply moving and important words of love.


There are many approaches to wedding vows, including the use of traditional wedding vows and vows that stem from traditional vows that are the result of ethnic affiliations. Writing personal wedding vows can be challenging, but ultimately rewarding for couples who find their way to telling their beloved in a very public and tender way of their feelings for each other and their intentions in being joined in marriage.

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