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Have A Medieval Wedding

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For individuals and couples who enjoy medieval lore and are particularly drawn to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the World of War craft, or Dungeons and Dragons, a medieval wedding may be a creative way to celebrate their union. Medieval weddings harkens you back to a different, Old Age time of romanticism, knights on white horses, fair maidens and slain dragons. This type of classic wedding allows you to inject your personal interest and style in what is one of the most important days of your life.

You have a wide choice of clothing that can be selected for a medieval wedding. You may choose to be a peasant girl in a simple flowing peasant girl dress or a queen, complete with a pointed hat and veil. For the men, Robin Hood prince of thieves motif can be employed, complete with tights and quivers for arrows. How elaborate or simple you choose to be depends on your own imaginings and your budget.

The menu can be very elaborate for a medieval wedding. You can choose to serve a feast consisting of lamb, roast, mutton, venison, quail and other wild game, as well as a variety of cheese, nuts, breads and puddings. You will want to have a more traditional place setting for those guests of yours who are not quite into the medieval motif since back in those time guests ate with their hands.

Go to a stationery supply store to inquire about paper that would be appropriate for an invitation to a medieval wedding. A parchment type of paper may be more expensive that regular card stock, but do a better job of conveying the type of ceremony being held. Most printers or specialty shops may also offer you a parchment type of paper that has the look and feel of real parchment without the cost.

You can really go out on a creative limb with a medieval wedding. Include madrigal singers as a special touch for your wedding guests. Jesters, jugglers, and harlequins are just some of the characters that may be incorporated into the wedding festivity. This may provide an additional level of ease and comfort for your guests and add to the overall quality of the ceremony.

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